Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LA Daily / One-on-one Drive -Thru Crit

As part of my (o so short) three week residency here at Otis,
I'm trying out One-on-one Drive-Thru Crits.

This is how I see it working.

Students who wish to have an in-depth, one-on-one feedback about their work,
ambitions, and methodology can contact me.
We agree a date and time.
They decide where they take me – a place in LA that matters to them and their work.
Time is no issue; for instance, if a student wants to drive for three hours that's fine.
The point is that we both engage in an adventure of which none of us know the outcome,
and that requires trust and commitment from both sides.

My first critique was yesterday night with E.
We drove all the way up to the Observatory.
One of the many insights it gave us is that a view doesn't discriminate.
It's there for all to see and have.
It doesn't need to concern itself with issues of access or navigation.
Perhaps this is why the concept of the scenic image is so powerful.
Especially in a drive-thru city like LA.

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