Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodies in Space

Bodies in Urban Space by Willi Dorner & Lisa Rastl. 
Wish this could be once a world wide flash mob.
it must feel like being top in between underneath behind and in front all at the same time.

Blog Beauties 1

She is already in my "I LIKE" list but here's a special link to artist / curator / writer Gabriella Gomez Mont's Toxico Blog. Beautiful, disturbing imagery - otherness, again and again. This is a zootrope animation still from the 1990s, which she found.

Edith Dekyndt is a Belgian artist. You can find out about her research for subjectivity here.
Look for XY02 - the film with the hands and the loop of string. A handful of magic.

Bidoun is a magazine for art from the Middle East. Its discourse and aesthetics are like a great coffee in the morning. You don't want anything else, for a moment. This image is from the Revolution by Design article in the last issue.

From time to time I stumble upon a project that I become REALLY jealous of.
The surrender of Reynard The Fox by Leonard van Munster is one of those. 

The "Tops" film installation by Miguel Angel Rios is a brilliantly choreographed metaphor of relationships between the world, things and people, and the tensions they create. You can watch fragments of the films via Evo Gallery here.

My research for I DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING BUT I WANT TO BE THERE led me into a web of (graphic) design initiatives worth mentioning. Here's a first selection. 

‘Arc en ciel’ by emilie faif & les amis'' by arnold goron, 2009 (stoneware, stone, paint, wood, fymo, bone), other works by Faif and Goron can be viewed via Soledad gallery in Amsterdam.

From the Dezeen archives: " Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong has created a tiny floating house as part of the Hong Kong & Shenzhen bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture."

About his Pushpin Calendar, Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki writes: When you put paper on the wall with this, you can make your own calander with paper of your memory. 2006 July. Ryohei keeps a diary with his dog in the main role, loyally by his side throughout his work.

To be continued in Blog Beauties 2

Never Sorry

Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei's self initiated atelier complex was recently demolished because it "didn't comply with the regulations"– according to Chinese authorities. When did good art ever comply with regulations?? The teaser below gives some insight into 'tofu' construction practices that most probably lead to the earthquake disaster, as well as the fine line between activism and art in Ai Wei Wei's practice. The second clip shows the studio before and after demolission.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What supposts read

Dec 30. Mudam.
The supposts, all middle aged men, read:
- The girl with the Pearl Earring
- A book on a female politician that looked that Hillary Clinton
- Fleur du D├ęsert (below)

It would be nice to make an inventory of the readings of supposts in different countries in relation to the exhibitions on display.

i'm dreaming of a white

Xmas 2010. Rameldange, Luxemburg.

snow is a wonderful fridge.
wood ashes make the best baked potatoes.
a balcony overlooking a valley is the best bar you can wish for.
(bambi nevers walks by a regular bar)

Jan 2.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to be intensely happy.
A beam of sunlight on a book that lies open on page 1 can already be enough.
A romantic house that seems to stand still in time, is great too.

It makes the world black and white.
Suddenly you can see what you didn't know or might not notice.
How a bird does a little pirouette before flying off.
How a dog ventured on a detour before falling in pace with his beloved boss again.