Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LA # Looking in the rear mirror

The sound of a city.

Towards the end of my stay in Los Angeles many asked me about how I felt about the city. What had been "highlights". I could only say - I don't know yet. I had too many impressions, stretched out over too vast, loosely tied places. But when the plane finally took off and circled above the beaches and mountain ranges, scaling down all those endless stretches of concrete city life down to seemingly random patterns, the name Los Angeles all of sudden took on a particular sound and colour - made up of the persons I had met and the beautiful spots they had taken me to, filled with the feeling of driving-drifting around and never quite arriving anywhere, and fed with the over sophisticated vegan food my body had a hard time to digest. Shaped also by all the things I didn't get to do and see, and at the same time inhabited by the need to be home again, to stay put, to give my mind some rest. Los Angeles city of longing in the land of plenty. Its cemetery is called Hollywood Forever.


Another city for another life

You can ride my car baby

Nobody walks in LA

Keep the speed limit

Even in the desert

Cause the sheriff sees everything

Pilot car follow me

It's true

Isn't it just great?

Life has a mind of its own

LA woman

LA /Los Angeles - what's the difference?

You move me

Wipe me out

Terrific. Awesome. Grand.

Why do fools fall in love


Ask us anything vacancy gas aspirin

You are our best customers

I want you to want me

You only need to remember one word: radiator

Thank god for Airco

Airco ruins everything

City of needs city of wants city of must-haves

The valley is another thing

Most people go the other way but I go South

Hungry valley

Cool beer

Great beer comes with great responsibility

Ocean scenic view

How many billboards

Merging the sacred and the profane


Family Dollar - Friendly Dollar - Million Dollar - Dollar Daze

The biggest problem - having to get the story before the content

I just wanted to become a famous singer

It's all about fan culture

Beauty Supplies

Spread and enclose

She called me the wild card

The detour is part of it

This is my shortcut to everything


Unlawful to disturb

This is where I do all my thinking

Can you believe it

Go back one exit

They're true they're here they're American

The biggest insult was when they told me I had turned white

Galloping bungalows

Girls girls girls

Cleaners cleaners cleaners

Buildings as movie sets

Beautiful people


Peanuts or pretzels

When you hit the pavement hit it smart

Merge left

You just missed us

How to transform a man into a rock or similar object

If at first you don't succeed, celebrate


You can move around for days without really being there

It's about you, not about knowledge

The big project for me is the living and breathing one

There is no plan

(That would take all the fun out)

This we know

Three chords is all it takes

You'll see that you were making sense all the time but you just didn't see it

(A collection of thoughts and sayings, sampled from the street, the radio, some lyrics, exhibitions, my mind, readings and talks this July. Thank you BenoƮt, Kali, Robert, Denise, Hedi, Jonathan, Hazel, Andy, Rem, Gilbert, Rich, Daniel, Vinca, John, Constant, Sarmishta, Signer, Sudeshna, Hammer, Jurassic, Javier, Leslie, Katy, and many more for your words)

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