Sunday, April 15, 2012

H12_A lecture

For H, a series of trimestral artist publications, I recorded an audio lecture and an accompanying booklet with images from my travels. Small drawings illustrate the questions I raise in the lecture. I had the pleasure to invite Jurgen Bey to write an introduction. PS If you are in Milan this week, perhaps someone from HEADS Collective will hand you a personal copy.... Please find below the cover the official press release.

HEADS presents
H12 Sophie Krier A lecture 

Download and listen at H12

Sophie Krier is the artist/designer featured in our new issue of H, our trimestral artist booklet, Sophie Krier is one of the most unconventional designer of her generation, that is why we are proud of showcasing her work and also proud to feature for the first time a lecture in our H series, with her projects, lectures, conferences and workshops Sophie challenges the design world. A lecture is Sophie Krier effort on pushing the borders of creativity, and questioning the young designers and non-designers vision of the world, long time director of the DesignLab at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Sophie forged a new generation of designers, pushing their vision of the design practice.

As Jurgen Bey said of her in his introductory text of the H12

"Let her travel, joggle ideas and awake us to perceive the beauty of reality. "
– Jurgen Bey, designer