Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Research Lab Next Door, part 4

Report by Oscar de Bakker & Cindy Meeldijk, KABK students
Wednesday the 15th of May was D-day for the students of the Research Lab Next Door. The measuring devices were developed and the scripts written for the instruction movies. Everybody was ready.

The day began with rain, but when the first persons entered DRS 22 the sky opened up and the sun started to shine. It was like a big softbox of light and ideal to film the movies. With the good light, good temperature, everything packed, the comic duo Max (the dog) and Daan and our own filmcrew on our side, the group took to the streets.

Next to the playground on the Vermeerstraat, Cindy Meeldijk’s project was filmed. Cindy focusses on the traces of use people leave behind on objects in the public space. The last few weeks she developed an instrument to document and interpret these traces. As a forensic researcher she collects ‘evidence’ of the things that could have happened there. Which collective or individual stories are there to discover in the objects that surround us?

On to the location of Marlies van Putten. Her instrument became her outfit. As a Robin Hood she moves through the Schilderswijk looking for puddles. Once she found one she takes piece by piece objects out of her outfit to measure the depth, outline and content of the puddle. In this way she gives puddles, the less fortuned on the street, a face and a right to exist.

On this day everything went as planned, that is - if you look at it timewise, but not in terms of the scripts of the students. A lot of movies still changed on the site. With input of Sophie Krier, Cathelijne Montens, Joel Nieminen, Anouk Huffels and the fellow students, camera shots were made.

We look back on a really good day. Next time more about the projects of Amal, Julia and Marcela. And: at the beginning of June the film will be edited and shown to the world!