Thursday, March 7, 2013

Research Lab Next Door, part 2

In parallel with the exhibition ‘Orban Space’ in Stroom, participants of Research Lab Next Door study the process and ideas of urbanist and conceptual thinker Luc Deleu. Instruments to measure and register phenomena in the public space of the Schilderswijk are currently in development. Research Lab Next Door is an interdisciplinary research lab, initiated in September 2012 by the faculty of Interior Architecture / Furniture Design of the KABK in partnership with DRS22. Researchers and tutors: Krijn Christiaansen, Cathelijne Montens, Sophie Krier, Claudia Linders, Renate Boere, Ed van Hinte.

The guided tour of the exhibition 'Orban Space' in Stroom made urbanist Luc Deleu's passionate practice and body of thought tangible: "There are only two scales one should relate to: that of the human and that of the planet" – said programme director Francien van Westrenen. Top Office's studies of the way we order the world also resonated with many students. Departing from Deleu's self-fabricated measuring instruments, students will start next week with measurements of their own in the streets of the Schilderwijk. Their findings were presented to the public in the front space of Stroom on March 13th (13.00-17.00).

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‘Inter View’
Film still, searching for different modes of interviewing
Amal Habti

‘Presence in absence’
Developing a toolkit to measure traces of use in the street
Cindy Meeldijk

‘Preserved moments of nature’
Capturing, measuring and registering puddles in the pavement 
in order to frame this uncontrollable remnant of natures
Marlies van Putten

‘Obstacle Landscape ‘
Marking and emphasising the space around and between obstacles on the street
Oscar de Bakker

‘Brick work’
Mapping and measuring the range of colours 
in the most representative construction element of Schilderswijk: the bricks
Marcela Rosenburg

Measuring walking speed with the street’s own units
Julia Garcia