Saturday, July 3, 2010

hello, goodbye

Identity is not about who you are but about how many persons you become as life pulls us forward. This blog is for me not about sharing my most personal thoughts in a diary-like manner but an exercise in taking on different perspectives. Until today, Madame des Matins Brumeaux posted all the messages on this blog. She decided to leave for a long holiday (she won't say where to), so Miss YesNo is taking over her tasks from now on.

Au revoir Madame des Matins Brumeux! Archived on July 3 2010.
" Madame des Matins Brumeux is a nostalgic yet militant mind. She has a thing with archives. She thinks of herself as elegant but others find her especially funny. Perhaps it is the tie she wears over her right shoulder, like a sjawl. She would love to wear high heels every day (like in italian black and white movies), but she likes long walks too much. Too many things matter, and that is why Madame des Matins Brumeux has started this blog."It is not because some things are unlikely that they don't happen", Madame likes to whisper before opening her eyes each morning."

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