Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subject to change or the space love needs

"Subject to Change" performed by NDT, Choreography bij Lightfoot & Léon

there is a point when the carpet she dances on,
the space in which she manifests all the love she holds within her,
that carpet shifts under her feet and turns her world around.
Sil and I were sitting on the tip of our chairs by then, moved to tears.

PS Noticed something strange in the format, right click the trailer and zoom out
or view full screen to not miss the margins of the carpet
(that's where it's all happening, in the fringes... of course)

Subject to Change is part of True to II, a compilation including also the virtuoso, super precise Shutters Shut and the magnanimous Cacti by young (24 year old yet author of 23 choreographies?!) Aleksander Ekman. Last chance to see and feel it all: tonight in Utrecht and tomorrow in Alkmaar.

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