Monday, April 5, 2010

Déracinner les pensées

Unroooted countless blackberrie bushes today, to make space
for a small magnolia, a group of snowdrops and three handful of field flowers
(which we call sneeuwklokje –snowbell– in Dutch, and perce-neige –snow piercer– in French)

Noticed a few parallels between the way roots and thoughts behave

a small stem says nothing about the size of the root below
a small stem that looks like it's by itself often turns out to be connected to some bigger root
(sometimes many meters further, in any direction)
pulling gently on the root yields more result
a hard pull will break the root off, leaving it amputated
to free a root you need to dig the earth up in a circle around it
at first it looks messy but it's also refreshing
shaking a root and seeing clumps of earth fall apart in black dust feels REALLY good
it made me think of the earth globe racing through space
raking the earth till it's soft and even feels EVEN better

Also cleaned up an uncanny pile of trash that was under my terrace when I moved in
and that I had tried to ignore over the winter. After getting rid of the most horrible stuff
I was left with earth and bricks of every possible size. I masoned them into a more or less even surface.

Bringing some kind of intention or direction or reading mode into whatever material
you are confronted with always works - it turns it into something, at least.

eco cathedraal van Kunsthistoricus, architect en filosoof Louis Guillaume Le Roy in Mildam (fr)

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