Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tribunal

This film somehow on one hand confused me
and on the other didn't confuse me enough
Hans-Christian Schmidt, the maker, had the courage
to make a film about an issue that is very actual and complex:
The Hague's International Court of Justice and the ways of the law,
and its side effects on the ones that risk their lives to testify about the horrors they went through
I think the problem with the film is precisely
that it tries too much to be a -romantic- film
the end just isn't right - it leaves you feeling OK
when the topic asks for an end that would make me feel
guilty, ashamed, or at least at loss what to think or do
(Sinecdoche New York's end or Grace's Revenge in Dogville)
I don't know.
Maybe Schmidt is actually right to have chosen to make a film,
a fiction, which will appeal to a larger audience than a documentary would.
But despite its ambitions and qualities as a film (Fox is real pleasure to watch),
something just bothers me. I can't get my finger on it.

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  1. Hi Sophie,
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    Zie mijn blog voor meer info. Je hoeft er niets mee te doen, misschien nog een beetje te vroeg.. maar leek me een goed steuntje in de rug..