Sunday, January 2, 2011

i'm dreaming of a white

Xmas 2010. Rameldange, Luxemburg.

snow is a wonderful fridge.
wood ashes make the best baked potatoes.
a balcony overlooking a valley is the best bar you can wish for.
(bambi nevers walks by a regular bar)

Jan 2.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to be intensely happy.
A beam of sunlight on a book that lies open on page 1 can already be enough.
A romantic house that seems to stand still in time, is great too.

It makes the world black and white.
Suddenly you can see what you didn't know or might not notice.
How a bird does a little pirouette before flying off.
How a dog ventured on a detour before falling in pace with his beloved boss again.

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