Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mohssine Elyounssi, Houtgraveur (NL version)

Mohssine Elyounssi, Houtgraveur (NL version) from Klengfilmen on Vimeo.

About the art of wood engraving: during the exhibition ICI, held in Casablanca during October 2010, a Rietveld chair was on display in Moroccan design. My dad made this short documentary about Mohssine's art and ambitions. I especially like the part when Mohssine is at work and his craftmanship takes over.
Shot on Panasonic GH13, kit lens, smooth film.

Dutch and French spoken.
French and English versions to come.
More on ICI:​group.php?gid=133159423397077

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