Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The reality of Cultural Heritage

This is what digging for cultural heritage means in reality: the regional museum (Streekmuseum) of Hoeksche Waard, which is currently being renovated, will be re-furnished and re-opened to the public in the course of next year, with the content of about six of these containers, which stock over 175 m3 of the museum's collection, which counts about 35,000 objects of daily use. Imagine 4 degrees Celcius, a loud playing radio echoing all around on the metal surfaces, and the feeling of a region's identity floating up in the air, waiting to gain shape again in your scale model.
How do you feel? Exactly. That's why afterwards we had a big hot chocolate in Heijplaat's local café, which by the way is a living museum of local history.

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