Monday, October 21, 2013

Archive Atelier Sophie Krier

Hello, is offline for maintenance.
Below is an archive of selected projects of atelier sophie krier since 1999.
For credit & brief information, please write to

Field Essays Issue One, Every Object Contains An Image (Sophie Krier, Bas Princen, Jonathan Muecke), Onomatopee, 2013.

Field Essays Issue Zero, Pick of Sticks Embodied (Sophie Krier, LucyandBart, Marek Pokropski), Onomatopee, 2010.

Ongelofelijk, overview exhibit of my practice, TENT Rotterdam / Blurrrr, 2009.

Hunnie (them), with Henri√ętte Waal, 2012-2013

Ici Casa, 2010

nomad academy, 2008-now

Champs Libre, 2003

5050 project 2003

Fake, 1999 -2001

Writings and moving images, 1999 -2013


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