Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surrendering to Iceland

The video Surrender is by Ólöf Arnalds. The way she visualizes birth in this video is breath taking.

Also mesmerizing is Björk's new album-app Biophilia, in which she took on the challenge of teaching music theory through the wonders of nature. See this article in Grapevine on this musicological ecosystem...

Nature + Music + Technology = Biophilia

Click here for the biophilia app on Bjork's site 

Today I waited for the sun to rise from a hot outdoor tub at the Vesturbaejar swimmingpool. 

The waiting for the day to break is long enough to make you crave for it 
– when it finally happens, it's as though everything and everybody, buildings, colors and humans alike, are relieved. 

Also today, the smoky bay cleared and mountain Esja appeared behind the shipyards.

Yesterday I experienced the tolt, a specific rythm characteristic of Icelandic ponies.
My pony was Jasper, a 22 year old lord of the hills. 
"Dont' be fooled by his age", the girl told me before I mounted him.

The tolt is smooth enough to take in the landscape while moving very swiflty across it.
It's contained but forward driven. 
It's addictive like many other things here.

The specifics of the tolt for the amateurs of details:

"For Icelandic ponies, it's a fifth gait-a single-foot or running walk.  All Icelandic ponies walk, trot and canter.  Most will also pace-move both legs on the same side at the same time.  They pace as a way of resting after a fast gallop.  Some will even tolt. The tolt is a four-beat gait, with the footfall sequence the same as the walk, for example right rear, right fore, left rear, left fore." 

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