Monday, May 2, 2011


PPPPPPlateaux is the title of an audio piece I am working on since a few months.

It explores the different realities of Plateau Kirchberg, an area in full development just one (famous red) bridge away from the old city centre of Luxembourg city. The area was developed 60 years ago to – temporarily – accomodate the European Institutions of the yet to be formed EU. Luxembourg’s eagerness to be at the heart of the European dream is still tangible on site; the Plateau’s architectural skyline is a collection of famous signatures from wordly architects. Initially meant as a monofunctional annex to the city, Kirchberg is today being developed and densified as an urban tissue, by combining housing, recreation, and retail, and by differentiating its navigation possibilities.

What is Kirchberg like, from inside? Which myths has it accumulated? Who made Kirchberg happen? What is the flip side of the Kirchberg dream? Where is Kirchberg heading to? With these questions in mind I interviewed people in charge, people working on the floor, young and old generations of the Plateau as well as a biologist, a sociologist, and a journalist. I am now editing these conversations into an audio legend of the Parc Central, consisting of assembled fragments. A legend that ties together social, natural and economical issues at stake on the Plateaux, in an effort to understand its development from another perspective and logic.

An art manifestation in the Parc Central. With Pedro Barateiro, Hugo Canoilas, Simone Decker, Cyprien Gaillard, Renata Lucas, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Sophie Krier.

Curator: Didier Damiani
Opening: 16th September 2011

Sound: Rico Quenrin
Physical legend (illustrations): Sonia Kneepkens


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