Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Field Essays

Field Essays, the outcome of my research at the
Professorship of Art and Public Space at the Rietveld Academie, and supported by the Amsterdam Foundation of Visual Arts Design and Architecture, is currently looking for its place in the world.
It's talking to interested publishers but it's also exploring the adventure of self-publishing, which the NO ISBN Salon für Kunstbuch project celebrates.

Edited by | Sophie Krier
Authors | LucyandBart, Marek Pokropski, Sophie Krier
Graphic design | Andreas Tscholl
Print | Drukkerij Rob Stolk, Amsterdam
Copy Writing | Arden Rzewnicki
Cover image | “Pick of Sticks”, LucyandBart, 2009

Field Essays could not have been possible without the generous and critical voices of Jeroen Boomgaard, René Put, Ilse van Rijn, Willem van Weelden, Renée Kool, Raoul Teulings, Frank Mandersloot, Guus Beumer, Danièle Rivière, Bas Raaijmakers, Matthias Gmachl, Rachel Wingfield, Fatos Ustek, Bas Princen, François Roche, Antonio Scarponi, Bas van Beek, Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Alvin Ho, Julia Born and Marieke Stolk.

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